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#15_Rhythm in Chaos
#13_The Contract of Faith
#14_Night Shift
#12_Manna for Everyday
#11_Confession is Power
#8 Surrounded
#7 Transformation
#3 Lean In
#9 Above All
#5 Walk on Water
#10 Wide High & Deep
#2 Thanks and Trust
#4 Don't Deny It
#1 Claim It
#6 Know and Feel

Pause. Breathe. Wait. 

Try This is a series of practices to help shape your understanding of the enabling presence of Jesus.

No dates. No time frame. No short cuts.


Just stop for a moment.

Pause. Breath. Wait.


Combining narrative, scripture and imagery, Try This is an engaging new resource that empowers you to use your imagination and encounter Jesus everyday.


Each practice is a simple thought starter for exploring the peace and purpose to be found in a daily encounter with Jesus.

Truth. Peace. Purpose.

Try this.

Choose a practice. Read it. Slowly.
Picture the idea in your own circumstances.

Welcome Jesus into your thoughts as you are prompted by the words.

Read it again (out loud is good).

Say the prayer and the text from the Bible.


Use these practices in any order, at any time.
Alone or with a group. As they become familiar, mix the themes up.

They will evolve in meaning along with your circumstances. 

Remember, God does all the work.

That's it.

Claim It_06DEC21.png

#1 Claim It

Lean In_06DEC21.png

#3 Lean In

Walk on Water_05DEC21_CROP.png

#5 Walk on Water


#7 Transformation

Above All_04DEC21.png

#9 Above All

Thanks and Trust_04DEC21.png

#2 Thanks & Trust

Don't Deny It_05DEC21.png

#4 Don't Deny It

Know and Feel_05DEC21.png

#6 Know & Feel


#8 Surrounded

Wide High & Deep_06DEC21.png

#10 Wide High & Deep

14_Night Shift_AUG22.png

#11 Night Shift

Ten Practices
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