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#2 Thanks & Trust

Thanks and Trust_04DEC21.png

Try this.

Start the day by speaking to Jesus with thanks and trust. 

Say “I thank you Lord.”

It’s enough. 

Easy when things are going well, but incredibly brave when times are tough.

Give it a go. Everyday. Be bold. 
“I thank you Lord”


Spoken aloud, repeatedly, it’s a powerful statement of faith.
“I thank you Lord.”


Now, partner a prayer of thanks with a prayer of trust. 
“I thank you and I trust you.”


Remember what you know to be true.
“I thank you and I trust you.”


The Bible is full of people who discovered God’s provision, despite immense adversity:
Noah, Abraham, David, Esther, Ruth.


Lord Jesus, this is difficult.
“I thank you and I trust you”


Grow this habit and the need to create a checklist of thanks quickly diminishes. 


The power and peace found in the simple act of expressing thanks and trust are like pillars, supporting and strengthening our faith.

Thanks & Trust_Pillars.png

“Lord, I thank you for your presence in all my circumstances and I trust you for the day ahead. 
My faith is in you.”


You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.
Trust in the Lord for ever, for the Lord is the rock eternal
Isaiah 26:3-4

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